Í miðju hrauninu finnst staður elskenda sem hefur verið þekktur áningarstaður og tenging norður og suðurlands. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hreðavatnsskáli, since 1933. Wonderful weather, home made pasta and pink floyd music. What a dream ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome to Hreðavatnsskáli, a peaceful place in the middle of nowhere and still the center of the universe. ... See MoreSee Less

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Some explanations of what we do and new specials.
Looking forward to see you ✌️✌️✌️✌️
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Please contact me if you know someone who is looking for an occupation over the summer. 865 7642 or ... See MoreSee Less

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From the early thirties until today

Hreðavatnsskáli is a historical place. You can feel the spirit of the previous owners and the ball they had here. Farmers used todance at our events. The place is full of memories both historical to the origins and also towards the owners. For example the suitcase (yes it's a suitcase) in the picture was hand crafted by our grandfather. He used this suitcase to travel to Australia for over 6 month with the intention of becoming a farmer. You will find old records hanging on the walls "San Francisco" or the Beatles. License plates in the diner from our families cars imported from the US. Feel free to walk around and check out the place. If you are into the history of Iceland and the sagas our region will inspire you. Through the centuries Borgarfjörður has been famous for the great poets and literary culture that prospered there. It is safe to say that the area is the cradle of Icelandic literature. But life was not all about writing and poetry. People had to put food on the table as well. Borgarfjörður is not close to the ocean and therefore the inhabitants had to rely on farming and agriculture to make a living. The area has been leading the progress and development of agriculture for decades and it is therefore appropriate that the Agricultural University of Iceland and the Agricultural Museum of Iceland are located in the friendly village of Hvanneyri in Borgarfjörður.

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