IN A NUTSHELL – next to the Vulcano Grábrók

We have been a part of Icelandic history since 1933 – oldest Roadhouse in Iceland

We can accomodate 26 persons in our Guest House and we offer summer houses with the most astonishing view. On our lovely ground between Bifröst and Grábrók we also offer a tent accommodation for back packers.

The most famous Musicians of Iceland held big parties up here. Those typical “Sveitaball” (Icelandic for country festivity) are probably out dated but smaller events with life music is thinkable.

His extensive knowledge on the marked has been known for over 83 years. A part of the service is the last gas station before crossing the pass “Holtavörðuheiði”. The fantastic service and the many opportunities to visit natures pearls make it an extraordinary place. The restaurant has a governmental permit to host 300 customers at the same time. In the old days the farmers came to dance and sing here and that remaining friendly spirit is the first thing you will notice when entering the building. The Hotel was built in 1945 but rennovated in 2013. All rooms have private facilities. Summerhouses and a small camping site are just around the corner.

Do you like Northern Lights?

Just outside our Accommodation