The saga of Hreðavatnsskáli
Hreðavatnsskáli (Restaurant & Guest House Grábrók) is situated at the ringroad 1 in a valley called Norðurárdalur. The marvelous roadhouse, accommodation and bar belongs to the Icelandic history since the founding year 1933. Almost all travellers stopped at the Restaurant & Guest House for a quick bite or even to stay for many days. The road assistance was well appreciated especially before the gravel road turned into pavement. Every now and then the Icelanders came together at the skáli for huge events. The history tells stories of over 1000 persons dancing at these musical events where famous Icelandic bands plaid.


In our restaurant we serve home made and fresh products. Every day we offer a home made dish based on our own recipes. The soup of the day is very popular such as the meat and fish balls. For all those in need for speed we offer a big variety of hamburgers, pizzas and french fries. An icelandic hot dog or “pylsa” is something you should not miss during your stay in Iceland. Enjoy our cakes and a cup of coffee after your meal.


Please find the Group Menu succession below. If possible, call us to inform us about your group.

The 1933 Hreðavatnsskáli is based in the heart of Iceland and has many things to see. Our group offer is therefor unique. We offer large rest rooms, a large dining area and a special menu to groups. Please book in advance.


We offer a wide selection during the summer time. Our menu is easy to read and every one can find a decent meal. The winter menu is slightly different due to the weather. We want all travellers to be able to eat a real dish on their way. At the 1933 restaurant you will find weekly and monthly specials.


Our Bar has a variety of drinks you can order. Hard liquor is very popular in Iceland and of course available. The carefully selected wines and beer brands are available all year long. Our restaurant guests can order our entire menu directly to their table.


Our take away is part of the shop.


Groups menu Proposition

All our menus have a starter, a main course and a dessert. Enjoy:
Menu 1

  • Seasonal salad with french or balsamic dressing
  • Traditional roasted leg of lamb
  • Red wine sauce
  • Caramel potatoes
  • Fresh market vegetables
  • Fresh fruit salad with cream

3200.00 ISK/Person

Menu 2

  • Mixed green salad with house dressing
  • Sliced pork with mushroom sauce
  • Spaetzli ( Swiss speciality )
  • Chocolate cake and coffee

3200.00 ISK/Person

Menu 3

  • Leaf salad with chopped egg
  • Lamb stroganoff
  • Home made pasta
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Apple cake

3400.00 ISK/Person

Menu 4

  • Mixed salad with bacon stripes
  • Salmon steak with “ Beurre Blanc “ sauce
  • Vegetable rice
  • Chocolate mousse

3800.00 ISK/Person

  • Menu 5
    Iceberg salad with bacon stripes and garlic dressing
  • Plokkfiskur (Fish, traditional Icelandic)
  • Fried apples with vanilla sauce

2800.00 ISK